Placing orders

Placing orders

How can I purchase a Talley & Twine watch?

Do you offer engraving?

How often do items go on sale?



Do Talley & Twine watches include a warranty?


How do I track my order?

How can I track my order?

How do I cancel my order?

Cancel an order

Will I pay taxes on my order?

Will I pay taxes on my order?


When will my order ship?

What is the shipping speed?

How much will I pay for shipping?

International shipping


How can I pay for my Talley & Twine purchase?

Are gift cards available?

Exchange/Return Policy

What is your exchange policy?

What is the return policy?


What size are the watch bands?

Do you offer sizing services for the watches?

Is it possible to add links to my watch?

Once You Receive Your Timepiece

Does my watch automatically adjust for daylight savings time?

How do the hands work?

How Do I Clean My Watch?

Metal Case & Metal Bands

Leather Straps

Misc Questions

Will you venture into pocket watches?

What are your watch specifications?

Are your watches waterproof?

Where are your watches made?

Can I pick up my order from a store?